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Aug 2, 2011

Deficit reduction fraud explained.

Image, the way mainstream Americans must be feeling right now.

The latest Libertarian Party newsletter contains this gem in which Mark Grannis and Arvin Vohra explain just how and why the new bipartisan deal on deficit reduction results in Americans being duded again.

Arvin: "I just saved $350,000."

Mark: "How?"

Arvin: "By not buying a Ferrari in 2016!"

Mark: "Nice."

The use of double speak is not exclusive to the US though. Here we see tax hikes described as government savings. In reality this indicates that they think that the proportion of our earnings they don't take off us is wasted.

Gillard/Brown/Abbott will take us beyond ‘Atlas Shrugged’, to ‘Atlas Shagged’ if this attitude persists.

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