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Aug 4, 2011

Viv Forbes on Convoys of No Confidence, and Return to Sender

Cartoon: By Bill Leak.

These issues have been raised here before, however Viv gives us a timely reminder of them.

Convoys of no Confidence, has the potential to be a powerful message that the Australian public have had a gutful. Enough support will pass a message that cannot be ignored. No C-Tax - Return to Sender, will tell the government that we are fed up with their propaganda, and the lying has to stop.

The Federal government has only a one vote margin. This means it is a heartbeat, a scandal, or a floor crossing from defeat. A strong message could make the difference between economic destruction, and holding the line. – Ed.

By; Viv Forbes, Chairman,

Something beautiful is unfolding. From all over Australia, people whose businesses and jobs are being driven into the ground by spectacular government mismanagement are gathering to drive from the corners of the continent to converge on Canberra. 
Read more:

There are now 11 different convoys going to Canberra; there will be one near you. To keep up to date on how to join see:

No C-Tax - Return to Sender

The Green/Labor Coalition is going to waste $4 million of tax payers' money to send all of us a "Sales Brochure" with propaganda on their C-Tax.

Just take a thick black pen, write "NO C-Tax" across the brochure, put it (or part of it if it is too large) in a new envelope, stick on a stamp and mail it to:

The Honorable Greg Combet, M.P.
Minister for Climate Change,
House of Representatives

Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Please do this.

John Izzard originated this idea and it is spreading like wildfire. Fan the wind and let them reap the whirlwind.

Update: “Quadrant Online” has come onboard with The trucks are coming! The trucks are coming!


  1. Got my booklet through from the Ministry of Propaganda today. I'm building up to it...

  2. Got mine too. It's going straight back with an instruction to not send any more junkmail.

  3. Good luck with that. My 'No Junk Mail' sign is apparently written in a language that is indecipherable to real estate agents, local politicians, charities, carpet cleaning services and on and on and on. The only ones who seem to take any notice are the supermarket chains. 'Please Shut The Gate' must also be written in alien if the charity door knockers are any guide. I'm looking for a replacement sign that will do both jobs more effectively but I've been unable to find one that says: ' Would All Of You Please Just Fuck Off And Leave Me Alone.' Hmmm, gap in the market there, you reckon? :-)

  4. Since the wife bought the dog, the religious people have stopped coming, or maybe the word got around that I'm a rude bastard. The dog is after all only six inches high, but puts on a fearsome act.

    I had been thinking of putting up the house number to 668, with a sign "Neighbour of the Beast" to discourage them but that has turned out unnecessary.