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Aug 20, 2011

Paul Ryan to run?

This clip is on speculation that Rep Paul Ryan may be considering a run for the White House. While Reps moving to the Presidency is a rare phenomenon, this race has the potential for results from outside the usual box. The Tea Party and the desire of Americans for fiscal responsibility has come to the fore:

Ryan’s ideas for the campaign, a debate between the Obama vision of a cradle to grave welfare state, and his own ideas of an opportunity based society, could be a game changer. Ryan has credibility after presenting his ‘Path to Prosperity’ budget proposal, which is still the only serious attempt to make real efforts to control spending and bring debt under control.

While the Dems and their MSNBC propaganda wing will no doubt claim that the number of candidates is an indication of a divided party, it is more likely an indication that more potential contenders are prepared to take the plunge against a doomed President. There is nothing in a marketplace of competing ideas that is unhealthy.

2012 looks like a wild ride.

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