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Aug 31, 2011

Stage 1 of the Carbon Wars is almost over. Stage 2 is about to begin.

Cartoon: By Nate Beeler.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,
The Carbon Sense Coalition.

The Global Warming scare is dead. Both the science and the weather have killed it. All that is left is the hidden agenda to use the "pollution" lie to engineer new taxes and grasp total government control of all aspects of energy production and use. The Carbon Cops are set to ration, rule and tax our brave new world.

The ALP/Greens government is also doomed. No matter what they do, the next election will sweep this government away. The ALP will suffer greatly from their dalliance with the Greens, and the Greens will become inflated as they feed on the decaying ALP carcass. But in their dying frenzy, this government will rush through its main agenda. Their major goal will be to introduce their carbon tax and try to ensure that no future administration can remove it.

Therefore it is likely that in the next few weeks, the government will ram its carbon tax down our throats. That is when stage 2 of the Carbon Wars start in Australia.

We must ensure that the Climate Industry has no doubt that THIS CARBON TAX WILL BE REPEALED and all those parasites who have attached themselves to the carbon tax teats will wither away, speculators will lose their money and directors will face questions and legal action.

All the merchant banks, wind and gas speculators, consultants, auditors, carbon cops, carbon credit scammers, regulators and litigation lawyers already lining up for new jobs and big handouts need to be warned of the dangers and risks. They should be told now, that there will be no compensation when the whole package is repealed.

We will be told "It will cost us billions of dollars to repeal this legislation". Tough luck - it will cost far more to keep it.

The ideal solution is for the new government to promise to repeal the lot immediately, and do it. However, Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce will need a lot of support to keep the backbench (and some of the front bench) from going to water. Therefore our battle is to support the climate realists in the coalition ranks and in all minor parties.

And if immediate repeal is not possible, these tactics should be employed:

• Immediately reduce the carbon tax rate to zero.

• Announce that the government intends to flood the carbon market with emissions permits.

• Repeal all the subsidies, tax concessions and mandates supporting the climate change/green energy scams.

• Abolish the right to purchase carbon credits overseas (that way, at least some Australians will benefit from this scam.)

We must ensure that all of those poised to build shonky businesses in the carbon tax industry are warned clearly that we will never rest until this tax is repealed and the whole climate change industry is demolished without compensation. Directors who mislead or fail to inform shareholders and financiers of these risks should be subject to serious criticism, public exposure and legal action.

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