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Aug 6, 2011

Wayne Root feels US is screwed.

Wayne Root is usually a fairly upbeat character. It is a little disconcerting therefore to receive the following message; although I have to admit things over there are bad:

Barack Obama is my college classmate (Columbia University Class of '83). I tried to warn the country that virtually all of my classmates and professors were marxist, despised America, and wanted to bring down capitalism. I tried to warn the country that Obama would follow the detailed plan of two Columbia professors named Cloward and Piven- a plan designed to destroy capitalism by overwhelming the U.S. economy with government spending, regulations, entitlements, taxes and debt.
That is precisely why I authored one of the most popular commentaries on the entire Internet in 2010 entitled "The Obama Economic Plan- Purposely Overwhelming the System to Cause Crisis and Destroy Capitalism." I predicted Obama's radical tax and spend policies were designed to crash the system with debt, bring us to our knees, starve business owners (the biggest contributors to his political opposition), make us all doubt capitalism, and dependent on big government. It's all come to pass.

I've written about this plan for 2 ½ years now. My commentaries have predicted the destruction of the U.S. economy under Barack Obama, the decimation of small business and the middle class, and the start of not only the Obama Great Depression, but what I called "the Greatest Depression ever." …

Obama has ruined this economy from sea to shining sea. From the Gulf Coast economy, to the Florida Space Coast economy. From small business, to WalMart, whose most recent sales show a dramatic and frightening slowdown in customer traffic. From a complete real estate collapse, to now a complete stock market meltdown. It's all crashing down upon us.

It's true that the odds of Obama's re-election just went down in a ball of flames, along with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But no matter- Obama has accomplished his goal. He has taken down the entire U.S. economy with him. He has trashed the political opposition- small business owners who fund conservative candidates and causes. He has overseen the decimation of the middle class homeowners and stock owners who vote conservative. He has left retirees with few assets- houses worthless, retirement accounts decimated, bank savings eroded by massive inflation. He has made 50 states into welfare queens begging for bailouts from the federal government. The nation is severely overwhelmed, right out of the playbook of Cloward and Piven.

Obama has left in his wake a U.S. economy in ruins. He has made many of us doubt capitalism. He has turned the American Dream into a nightmare. He has brought tens of millions in society to their knees begging for government to save them. Even though it is government that made them dependent in the first place. He has convinced the masses that government feels their pain, even though it is government that caused it. He has enslaved us all under an avalanche of debt so massive it's unimaginable, and of course unsustainable. He has turned hope into a 4 letter word.

Congratulations Mr. Obama. Mission Accomplished. (The full text can be found here.)
While I have to admit, I am not on the spot to judge for myself, it has always seemed to me that there is a certain indestructibility about the mainstream American people. While the situation is probably one of the worst that the nation has faced in its history, and indeed there about 18 months to go on this Presidency, the real Americans can rise to the challenge. The ability to initiate legislation in the House has already been taken away from him.

In 2009, things looked desperate but in the meantime the Tea Party has ridden to the rescue, something that was beyond prediction back then. US people probably felt this way in the aftermath of Pearl Harbour, and look how that one played out.


  1. Ha ha, this commentary couldn't have come at a better time, because the USA just had it's credit score downgraded by S&P today.

    I don't think any president in the history of the USA has ever done so much damage.

  2. Btw, have you heard the story that Root always tells about his class that included Obama on the day that Reagan got shot?

    Even though Root doesn't remember Obama and what he did at the time, he claims that when word that Reagan was shot had been given in his classroom, virtually everybody but himself got up and cheered.

  3. Years ago there was a guy called Julien Disney at the head of the Council of Social Services or some such name that was the organisation representing those were receiving benefits.

    He presented a theory that if those on welfare were paid twice as much, they would be able to go out and spend the nation into an economic greatness.

    At the time, I seem to remember that the government buzz word of the day was a construction led recovery or some such. In the Progress Party we ridiculed his ideas as a "welfare led recovery."

    I was reminded of him when the stimulus packages were announced. I lost track of where he went to, but given the state of finances at present, he will probably turn up as the head of the economics department at one of our finest universities.

    I did read what Root said on the Reagan shooting, it didn't surprise me, the lefties were as crazy then as they are now. I am a subscriber to Wayne's newsletter so I see most of his stuff.