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Aug 8, 2011

Sharia in Britain.

Sharia zone poster from London.

This site has reported earlier on attempts by radicals to impose Islamic Sharia law in this country. These have been resisted and the government has declared that it will not happen. The laws of the land in western nations is secular and based on rational values rather than on religious doctrine which is frozen in time.

Some time ago Libertarian Republican reported on how the Sharia issue is getting out of hand in Britain, with areas within cities being declared Sharia zones, complete with signs declaring such things as gambling, music, alcohol, porn, prostitution smoking etc off limits.

Here is a video clip on what is happening there:

It is great that the authorities are acting on it, or at least some of them. Theocracy is just another form of authoritarianism like Nazism, Fascism, Communism, and the nanny state. People should be free to live their lives by their chosen set of values, be it based in religion or even failed political doctrine provided others are not coerced in the process.


  1. I'm not sure how people tell the difference between the unenforceable demands of these Sharia nutjobs and the all too enforceable decrees of the nanny state wowsers running the place. And I wonder why the Sharia mob waste money on printing up the posters.

  2. True Angry, if the Sharia crowd wait, the nanny state will do the same thing as they want. The posters indicate that they want to be the ones controlling it.