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Oct 8, 2008

CNN outs Obama/Ayers link.

HT the Catskill Commentator for this one.

This is really one for the books, lets hope it is not the last. Normally the old media will only report someone’s criticism of Obama in the context of criticizing that person for making that criticism, with a strong defense of the candidate attached.

CNN has on this occasion actually raised the issue of Obama’s terrorist connection apparently of its own volition, although with the dogs barking it from every porch they probably were having trouble ignoring it. Still it represents a break, however tenuous in the solid wall of press self-censorship on matters liberal critical.

The CNN video can be found here.

But the relationship between Obama and Ayers went deeper, ran longer and was more political than Obama -- and his surrogates -- have revealed, documents and interviews show.

A review of board minutes and records by CNN show Obama crossed paths repeatedly with Ayers at board meetings of the Annenberg Challenge Project.

The Annenberg Foundation gave the project a $50 million grant to match local private funds to improve schools, and Ayers fought to bring the grant to Chicago, according to participants and project records.

The project's organizing committee asked Obama to serve as the board chairman in 1995. Annenberg Project Executive Director Ken Rollings said Ayers was not a member of that ad hoc group when the decision was made.

For seven years, Ayers and Obama -- among many others -- worked on funding for education projects, including some projects advocated by Ayers.

"The specific job of the board of directors was to give out the money," said Stanley Kurtz, a conservative researcher for the Ethics and Public Policy Center and frequent Obama critic.

"Instead of giving money directly to schools, they gave money to what they call external partners and these partners were often pretty radical community organizer groups," said Kurtz, who also has been reviewing the Annenberg Challenge's recently released records.

The board, for example, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Ayers' small schools project. The project promoted alternative education, including projects like the Peace School -- where the curriculum centered on a United Nations theme -- and another school where the focus was African-American studies.

The funding, according to Kurtz and records CNN reviewed, came directly from the Annenberg foundation which Obama chaired. The project shut down in 2003 after achieving "little impact on school improvement and student outcomes," its final report stated.

While working on the Annenberg project, Obama and Ayers also served together on a second charitable foundation, the Woods Fund. It was that foundation that Obama referenced in the debate -- not the Annenberg Challenge.

Among Wood Foundation recipients were the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church, where Obama attended and was married; and the Children and Family Justice Center, where Ayers' wife Dohrn was director. ........
It is noted though that, old habits dieing hard, they just had to have someone from his campaign present to spring to his defense. What the hell difference does it make how old Obama was when his toad of a friend was setting bombs? The guy is unredeemed, unrepentant and only regrets that he didn’t do enough.

No Republican would get away with this, remember when Fred Thompson was criticized over a friend who had a drug misdemeanor from about 20 years before, and never got in trouble again. It was splashed by the media.

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