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Oct 24, 2008

‘Joe the Plumber’ Ads. ‘

The McCain campaign has hit pay dirt with its latest advertisement, “I am Joe,” which brings out ‘the American dream’ of succeeding in bringing dreams to fruition.

The two greatest coups of the McCain campaign have been, (1) nominating Sarah Palin for VP, as Sarah is someone most Americans identify as “One of us,” and, (2) the appearance of Joe the Plumber, the average guy who just wants to work towards a better future, whose willingness to stand up for himself resulted in the Obama admission of wanting to spread your wealth around.

Joe is every individual in America and worldwide, who has ever dreamed of a better future from his or her own efforts. Joe represents all Americans who have ever worked to advance themselves. Joe is not a creature of the state, not a liberal, he is an anathema to liberals, an independently minded individual, Joe, is a sovereign entity.

America’s greatness has never come from government. America’s greatness has come from the ambitions, hard work, ideas, and plans of the average American who dared to hope for the exceptional, generally in spite of the government.

In America in its true sense, success is not guaranteed it is worked for. America in its true sense and in its philosophy, is not the result of a great government, it is a state of mind. It is a sense of liberty, where free people are at liberty to work for their dreams, some succeeding, some failing and trying again.

It is the effort of every American who has ever dared to hope for a better future, or has ever exhibited an entrepreneurial spark, who have made a great nation.

Joe the plumber, you are America.


  1. Which virtual world are you living in, because it ain't the real one.

  2. Tell me Carmen, did the government create America in your perception of what is real?