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Oct 19, 2008

Joe the Plumber, changing the game

Photo, from "Peace and Freedom II."

I don’t know, you go to a political rally, buttonhole a candidate, ask him a question, get an answer, go home and that’s it, well isn’t it? Well not if you are ‘Joe the plumber and the candidate is Obama, and he tells you how he wants to spread your wealth around a little.

The media inadvertently reported it including the reply, (must have been Fox) and it hit the fan big time. The debate was full of it and Joe the plumber was a household word, as was Obamas spread the wealth statement.

This was discomforting for the liberals, redistribution of wealth is one of the favourite Marxist anthems, and the left love it. The trouble is that they don’t really want those dipshit voters to find out. They tend to use terms like ‘fairness’ and ‘change,’ to describe it.

There was only one thing that the left could do about it, the old tried and true method, shoot the messenger, not Obama, but the miserable bastard who made him say it. Joe.

Suddenly the left wing media exploded, first with spin on what was meant, then with vilification of Joe. The reason the left use this technique is that their whole philosophy is one of cradle to grave intervention by the state, known appropriately by individualists as the ‘nanny state.’ This is popular with lefties as it helps to avoid such nasties as accountability, personal responsibility, and people doing stuff that they don’t like such as being successful and better off than they are.

This is of course the modern form of slavery – dependence, and lefties love to hug their chains, but the down side is that perpetually sucking at the tit of nanny state means that they never grow up, they maintain a Peter Pan like state of intellectual adolescence. The result is that when anyone questions or dares to present a perceived threat to the state, the centre of their world, they throw a tantrum.

Baghdad Keith did one of his anal rants, devoting quite a bit of time to Joe. Olbermann believers think that he is really telling off the right where in actual fact he is only preaching to the gallery. The reason for his success is that lefties love to be brow beaten by an authority figure, as long as that figure is one of theirs. Plenty of others joined in.

I am not aware of the true situation of Joe, whether he is in a position to actually buy the business, or whether he is hoping to go into business for himself one day, but what is apparent is that he wants better and is prepared to work for it. That is not the relevant issue.

What is relevant is that Obama has admitted that he wishes to take more from those who are successful, and give it to those who are not. A post on “Peace and Freedom II,” says it all: -
Sorry, Barack: you are now known and you are a loser.

Barack Obama has shown his distain for American Workers — and they noticed.

Joe the Plumber is a regular guy — and when he asked about the Obama Tax Plan ‘Barack the Messiah’ told him he’d have to give up a portion of his work wages to people that don’t work at all — and that this was good for everyone.

Joe didn’t buy it.

Me neither.

So Mr. Obama, thanks for sending out ‘Joe Biden the Idiot’ and a host of surrogates who are now attacking Joe the Plumber and all he stands for.

Barack: You have shown who you really are!

Barack: Joe the Plumber stands for all Workers in America, Dude. Workers who are tired — and they pay their taxes.

You, Barack, apparently stand for people without jobs. And you want to give them our money.

No Way Barack! No way in Hell my friend…..

Go figure!

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