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Oct 6, 2008

Oama on sub prime.

More from Libertarian Republican. This time on Obama, saying that sub prime loans were a good idea, but hey, despite the idea going back to Carter, boosted by Clinton, defended by the Dems, its just got to be all McCains fault.


  1. Funny there hasn't been a democrat in the house for eight years.
    What was George Bush doing in that time apart from sitting on his hands.
    Yes deregulating further so these bastards could rip us of more.
    Stop being so blind to your abysmal idiotolgy.

  2. "desite?"

    Did your P fall off too like mine? :)

  3. Thanks Patrick, late at night my editing skills fall off a bit. I am not sure why spell check didn't ick that one u as it is usually quite edantic. (It got that)

    Cindy, nice to hear from you again. The problem goes right back to Carter who passed the Community Reinvestment Act which virtually mandated riskier loans by banks.

    This was exacerbated by Clinton, and exploited by ACORN along with Obama.

    Three attempts were made by the Bush administration to increase regulation in the sector, or at least make the regulation more effective, but in each case it was blocked by the Dems.