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Oct 12, 2008

Palin, Alaskan Kangaroo court a non event.

This post replaces one I did in a hurry late last night when I heard a news flash on the Alaskan kangaroo court beginning with, “The Republicans are in disarray after the inquiry. ….. .” In the heat of the moment it didn’t turn out well.

Palin as a reformer has as many Republican enemies as Democrat ones. With the chance of the whole system of corruption, nepotism, and old boy networkism, being threatened with a cleanup by her, they have tried to do Obamas work for him.

Well that didn’t work very well, and they will have to hope that one of Obamas plane loads of dirt digging lawyers comes up with something, but after this much time, I wouldn’t advise them to get too optimistic on that score: -

Picture this: - 

You are a state governor. It comes to your attention that a member of the state police force has made serious threats to his wife, as well as threatening to kill her father if he tries to get her a divorce lawyer, as well as talking about “taking down” her sisters family.

In addition to this you find that he has used a Taser on her 10-year-old son, (why hell, its inhumane to spank them) and had a record of disciplinary problems, including drink driving.

It then comes to your attention that the relevant department has, as a result of an internal investigation penalized him with a 10-day suspension, which was on appeal by his union reduced to five days.

Would you just accept it, or would you do something about it, say demand a review of the investigation? Assuming you go for the review, would you just accept that ‘the matter has been dealt with’?

Hell no, you wouldn’t, the guy is obviously not fit for the position he holds and deserves to be dismissed. Of course you would be completely within your rights to demand more, the public would demand more. They would expect it of you.

It is therefore somewhat bizarre that Sarah Palin is accused of abusing her powers because, and only because the person who suffered the abuse was her sister and the perpetrator was her former brother in law.

Oh and by the way, I suggest to Obama, that he should abandon his dirt digging and bring his lawyers back; they have failed. Face it she’s not corrupt, has no slime ball corrupt slumlords backing her, no urban terrorist connections, no connections to vote fraud organizations like ACORN, no support from commo dictators, or terrorist groups like Hamas.

Oby, you say you are opposed to negative campaigning, so why were you looking for this? Were you testing her suitability as a replacement for your VP choice?

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