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Oct 30, 2008

Ghosts from Obama’s Past.

The recent surfacing of an audio interview of Obama ruing that the courts have not addressed the issue of redistribution of wealth has met with the predictable ‘shoot the messenger’ response from the Obama campaign.

His own words on record are the fault of Fox news and McCain for airing them?

Meanwhile his old mate Bill Ayers has hit the ABC news in an article, “WATCH: 'Washed-up Terrorist' Ayers Stays Mum on Ties to Obama,” by Bryan Ross and Molly Dean: -

… But Bill Ayers is staying mum, and working hard to duck reporters and the campaign spotlight in the final week before the election.

He told a journalism student attending an education justice symposium in New York Sunday he and other former radicals were being "demonized" by Fox News. "We're nice guys, right?"

Asked by the student, if he repudiated the actions of the Weather Underground, which carried out a series of 1960's robberies and bombings that killed at least six people, Ayers walked away without answering. …

Asked about Sen. John McCain's description of him as a "washed up terrorist," Ayers said nothing as he raced to find a taxi. …..

Organizers of the event attempted to stop media coverage by falsely claiming Ayers' appearance had been canceled.

So not only are Fox to blame for reporting words that the candidate is no longer wanting people to hear they are demonizers of unrepentant terrorists. How can they continue to display integrity when it is so uncool?


  1. I sure hope this stuff isn't too little too late.

  2. Yes Patrick, I hope not but there is a lot of stuff that should probably have been addressed before it was.

    I think McCain has been trying to fight a gentleman's war against an unprincipled bastard who will stop at nothing.