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Oct 13, 2008

Sarah Palin, Jewish!!!!!

HT Libertarian Republican.

Lefty comedian Sarah Silverman blasted Sarah Palin and urged Jews around the Nation to call up or visit their Jewish Grandmas and Grandpas in Florida and cajole them into voting Obama. Funny thing is that some of Obamas strongest supporters are Hamas and Iran.

Now, new revelations sweeping the internet, started by a Geneology blog, has found that Sarah Palin is technically Jewish. From the Jewish Defense League (JDL):

Here's an interesting factoid: it seems that Governor Sarah Palin is technically a Jew. Yes, according to those who have written on the subject, not only was her mother, Sally Sheigam, Jewish (making her Jewish by Jewish law), her father also had a Jewish mother.

However, her father was a devout Christian and raised his family that way, so Sarah was raised as a Christian despite her status as a Jew. Nazi sites have already picked up on this discussion.

Ironically, just three days ago, the Nation's top Jew Hater Louis Farakhan, who once called Judaism a "gutter religion," referred to Obama as the "Messiah."

It is chrstal clear that these elitist dweebs who have been conned by Obama don’t have a mind to think for themselves. I wonder what their excuses will be.

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