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Oct 27, 2008

The London Times on Palin.

Patrick Joubert Conlon is one of the best sources of those snippets of information I generally miss, how the hell he manages it will never know, but here’s a beauty.

Amid the Obama fascination of Europe, the Times comes out with some reality: -

It's hard to make a reasoned and fair judgment about the Alaska Governor because she has been the victim of one of the nastiest, most sustained and comprehensive slime-jobs ever performed by a hyper-partisan national and global media. ….

Palinphobia is so shot through with condescension and ideological incomprehension on the media's part that trying to cut through to the reality of her political message is not easy. …

As for the anti-intellectualism she seems to represent, this is a favourite old saw not only of the Left but also of the whole Establishment crowd. There's an unshakeable view among the coastal elites that real wisdom is acquired only by circulating between the ivy-encrusted walls of scholarship and the Manhattan and Hollywood cocktail set.

But there's real wisdom among those derided Americans who have never even ventured to the coasts, but whose steady consistent voice and values have been truly responsible for America's many successes.

Some of the weaker Republicans are going into premature post mortems at the moment and looking for someone (other than themselves) to blame for an election that is not even lost. I doubt that McCain is conceding, and Sarah certainly won’t, she’s a fighter and will do her best to get us over the line.

This was always going to be a difficult one, especially with the press being determined to get their own result and becoming the propaganda wing of the DNC. These candidates have done bloody well just to be competitive, never mind closing for the kill.

There are many who, if this thing is lost will blame the candidates. My suggestion is to read Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” speech, and in a lot of cases ask “Did I do enough myself?” or in a lot of cases, “Should I have at least done something?”


  1. All of these foreigners who are rooting for Obama aren't really thinking it through. There is one reason they can wear diapers and suck on passifiers their whole lives: A strong America. If they get their wish and America becomes Canada, they're on their own.

    Of course, I've left that on a few Brit blogs and the nicest thing I've been called for it is "arrogant," but somebody needs to remind them.

  2. Great to see you over here. I agree totally with you and I have long held the view that the rest of the world really doesn't pull its weight. I think if they get their wish they will be in for the rude shock of learning 'how to put their pants on by themselves'.

    If Europeans are anything like we are here, they are not really getting the real message. According to polls around two thirds of Australians support Obama, but when you look at the media coverage the reason becomes apparent.

    It seems to come only from the far left of the US press.

    I was actually stunned when (our) ABC asked me to do an opinion piece on the Republican Party.

    It is hard to gauge public opinion from the comments as the ABC tends to be a favorite haunt of the left. I was pleasantly surprised that there was an odd positive comment.

    It was great though to get the chance to put my opinion up there, and I am thankful for that.

  3. Nice to see Right Wing Prof over here.

    BTW You can "pinch" anything from me anytime.

  4. Thanks Patrick, you are a great disseminator.

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