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Oct 26, 2008

Politically Incorrect on subsidies.

If I were less committed to personal rights I would make this compulsory viewing. This is one of the best demonstrations of the disastrous results of state interventionism, and a lesson in the law of unintended consequences.

I came from a family farm, and on moving away I gained an insight into the blinkered thinking that persists in relation to this area. It occurred to me fairly soon that where most other industries referred to themselves as businesses, family farms tended not to, rather regarding it as a tradition.

The family farm is not a sacred cow and should not be treated like one. There is no entitlement to survive uneconomically.

What really comes out in this video is the fact that most of the ‘family farm’ subsidies, really go to larger enterprises anyway, and most production is done without them.

To assume that you are entitled to a living regardless of economic viability is to assume that you are somehow superior to the rest of society, and have a right to call on them to give to you. Those who feel a right to demand a share of other peoples income to support themselves, are assuming a right of ownership over those people.

This is immoral.

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