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Oct 6, 2008

More on Obama Terrorist links.

HT Libertarian Republican.

In a post yesterday I pointed out that Sarah Palin spoke on Obamas ties to terrorist Bill Ayers, here is video of the event: -

Associated press are claiming she is a racist for doing so. In an article, “Palin's words carry racial tinge” Associated Press writer, Douglass K. Daniel, engages in racist slurs and untruths to support AP’s candidate, Obama: -

And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged subtext that John McCain himself may come to regret.

First, Palin's attack shows that her energetic debate with rival Joe Biden may be just the beginning, not the end, of a sharpened role in the battle to win the presidency.

"Our opponent ... is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country," Palin told a group of donors in Englewood, Colo. A deliberate attempt to smear Obama, McCain's ticket-mate echoed the line at three separate events Saturday.

"This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America," she said. "We see America as a force of good in this world. We see an America of exceptionalism." ……….
There is obviously nothing racist in this, I do however see this writer and editor showing deliberate partisanship with the reference to; “deliberate attempt to smear Obama.” But further on in the article we see with a few convolutions, and mistruths that he draws a tenuous link to the opinion he wants to have: -
Palin's words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee "palling around" with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn't see their America?

In a post-Sept. 11 America, terrorists are envisioned as dark-skinned radical Muslims, not the homegrown anarchists of Ayers' day 40 years ago. With Obama a relative unknown when he began his campaign, the Internet hummed with false e-mails about ties to radical Islam of a foreign-born candidate.

Whether intended or not by the McCain campaign, portraying Obama as "not like us" is another potential appeal to racism. It suggests that the Hawaiian-born Christian is, at heart, un-American. …..
So his claims are that terrorists are seen as dark-skinned radical Muslims, aw gee and here was I looking at pictures of Ayers and thinking that it is a white terrorist. But wait there’s more.

This slobbering idiot is claiming that the McCain campaign is “portraying Obama as "not like us,"” and claims it is racist.

Palin referred to him as, “not a man who sees America like you and I see America,” not, “not like us.” “Not like us,” is Obamas way of injecting race into the campaign claiming that opponents will see him this way, and he has done it often. The person running the racist campaign is Obama.

It should be remembered that former Weathermen leaders Howard Machtinger, Jeff Jones, Steve Tappis and Mark Rudd have all endorsed Obama as well. What is it about the guy that attracts these flys.

Eric Dondero also made the point; “We would like to remind all our progressive friends coming over here today that it was not Palin but George Stephanopolis and Hillary Clinton who first raised the Ayers issue and Obama's connection with him back in April of this year.”

The convolutions of the press in this type of reporting is more than I expect from a death adder, and reminds me of the Banjo Paterson poem “Johnsons Antidote.”

Down along the Mooki River, where the overlanders camp,
Where the serpents are in millions, all of the deadly stamp;
Where the station-cook in terror, nearly every time he bakes,
Mixes up among the doughboys half-a-dozen deadly snakes:
Where the wily free-selector walks in armor plated pants,
And defies the stings of scorpions, and the bites of bull-dog ants:
Where the adder and the viper tear each other by the throat,
There it was that William Johnson sought his snakebite antidote. ….

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