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Oct 30, 2008

“Yesterdays Visions.”

The Carbon Sense Coalition has put up a submission to the Queensland government call for comments on “Climate Smart,” a set of climate and energy proposals. I am attempting here to paraphrase it into a small space to give some idea of the scope of it, however for the serious opponent of present proposals to deal with this hypothetical and doubtful ‘problem’ I suggest you go to: -

Here are some of the more relevant points.

We are watching the slow development of the greatest public policy disaster ever seen in Western Democracies. Started by Green activists with other agendas, the Global Warming Hysteria now infiltrates every element of public policy, gets mentioned in every news broadcast, gets blamed for every unusual weather event, and is being used to support the greatest grab for taxes and power ever achieved without violent revolution. ….

Much of the observed recent warming has occurred in urban areas, whereas rural areas are cooler. This suggests that some of the apparent warming is caused not by the atmosphere but by growing cities with their concentration of population, bitumen and waste heat generators.

Many places on earth have experienced record cold during the last two years. Ice sheets are getting thicker, and some glaciers have started to advance.

The sun has become ominously quiet, with a long period with no sunspots and reduced magnetic strength. In the past, such periods of quiescent sun have heralded weather which was miserably cold and cloudy.

The bottom line is, there has been no abnormal global warming since the start of the Industrial Revolution, or in the 20th Century when man started using large quantities of carbon fuels, and there is no warming and some evidence of significant cooling occurring right now.

There are at least 12 General Circulation Computer Models trying to simulate and forecast earth’s climate. None of them agree without manipulation. Thus at least 11 of them are wrong. None of the models have been successful at forecasting temperature even a few years ahead. Therefore ALL of the models are wrong and cannot be relied to forecast future global temperatures.

Of course we do have a large ‘carbon footprint’ in Queensland because we produce more surplus coal, minerals, metals and food for export than any other state of country in the world, using a small labour force and a large inventory of modern useful power-consuming tools and machinery. Of course we have a big carbon footprint because we have a small human footprint. 

Unlike countries like China, India, Indonesia and much of South America and Africa we have a small human footprint but we produce a large surplus for export. If there are carbon hogs in the world, it is those countries who consume all their own production plus all of our surpluses.

All laws which mandate particular shares of the energy market for particular technologies should be abolished. No “X% of the electricity market for gas, solar or moonbeams”. Energy conservation is a good policy at any time. But government edict is the worst possible way to achieve it.

High prices are the greatest incentive to energy conservation, and consumers are very sensitive to rising prices for anything. OPEC has just discovered that consumers have become very economical with petrol since petrol prices soared.

Regional planners try to segregate and separate all human activities. They believe they are better in deciding where people may live, how big their farms or blocks must be, and where businesses must congregate. … Let people decide where they live, where they work and where they shop and many lives would become simpler, cheaper and safer.

Governments themselves are huge centralisers. Everyone flocks to be near the power centres and near the honey pots of government funds. Government should be shrunk, decentralised and confined to barracks – that would achieve a huge reduction in their carbon footprint, and their cost to taxpayers.

Subsidies always encourage waste, and the most glaring example today is the health system. Because health services appear free to the user, it is used for every ailment from a sore thumb to a bruised personality to a face lift. 

The four most valuable energy resources in the world today are coal, oil, gas and uranium. These are the only currently feasible energy sources to power our cities, our industries and our transport fleets. But here in Queensland, uranium mining is banned, and uranium exploration is not talked about in polite company. 

There is perhaps no better example of the law of perverse consequences than the world wide government force feeding of the ethanol industry. All over the world, scarce capital has been diverted to the construction of ethanol plants. These chemical plants have consumed a significant share of world food stocks, caused steep rises in food prices, and food shortages in many countries..

Once oil prices fall back to the long term average, as they surely will, these ethanol plants will become un-economic and just one more supplicant for continuing support from tax payers. …
The collapse of Climate Alarmism is inevitable, and, we believe, imminent. There are strong reasons for that opinion:

Every day sees a new scientific paper denying the main thesis of the Alarmists; or a new scientist joining the ranks of the Skeptics.

Public opinion is changing quickly. Politicians specialise in following public opinion, and already the signs of about-face are there. First the UK electors and then the Canadian electors punished the greens and the climate alarmists heavily; then the leader of the ACT Party in New Zealand came out in strong opposition to the ETS proposals of the major parties; …

The once solid European block of alarmists has crumbled in the face of revolt lead by the Poles, the Italians, the Eastern Block, and even Germany. Russia is not a believer and is only in for whatever spoils they can gather. China, India and Indonesia have no intention of limiting their carbon emissions.

Climate Smart 2050 is thus “Yesterday’s Vision.” It should be withdrawn to be replaced by an Energy Policy for tomorrow. The whole Climate Smart policy should be withdrawn, and all the bureaucracies set up to promote it dismantled promptly. It should be replaced by a completely new policy outlining how Government will support the backbone industries of Queensland in the tough times ahead. ….

The document this is taken from is authorised by:
Viv Forbes BSc App, FAIMM, FSIA
Chairman,The Carbon Sense Coalition

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