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Oct 23, 2008

Foreign dreams of Obama.

I just ran into a link to a Boris Johnson (a Pom) writing on why he supports Obama for President. Johnson seems to me like a man who is getting most of his information from the mainstream media, which if its anything like here in Australia, or the US is hopelessly biased. Most of what he has to say sounds like Obama campaign slogans.

I usually don’t bother reading people who come up with writing stuff like, “no difficulty in orally extemporising a series of grammatical English sentences, each containing a main verb,” but thankfully he eased off this shit, and the rest was at least readable. I normally regard such expressions as “exemplifying the vacuousness of societal members who are upemselves.” The main areas where I have issues with him are as follows.

(1) “…… intervention in Iraq has served in some parts of the world to discredit the very idea of western democracy.”
The parts of the world where ‘western democracy’ seems discredited now in the main, had no time for it in the first place.
(2) The recent collapse of the banking system, and the humiliating resort to semi-socialist solutions, has done a great deal to discredit - in some people's eyes - the idea of free-market capitalism.
Those people have not used their eyes, ears, or any other senses to find out the real causes of the ‘collapse’. The fact is that the whole thing goes back to government intervention in the free market, starting in the Clinton era. It is idiotic to suggest that banks would keep lending to people who couldn’t repay unless the dead hand of the state was in there somewhere.
(3) He (Obama) needs to stick up more vigorously for free trade, and we must hope that any ill-considered new taxes will be thwarted by Congress.
Obama has a record of opposition to free trade, and if the Democrats control both houses of Congress, there will be more and bigger taxes.
(4) and his (Ayers) last act of terrorism took place when the candidate was eight, and it isnot really clear that he and Obama are chums at all.
Ayers has not repudiated his acts, and has in fact stated that he didn’t do enough. Ayers and Obama have had extensive connections through boards, and his political career was launched at a function in Ayers house.
(5) If Barack Hussein Obama is successful next month, then we could even see the beginning of the end of race-based politics, with all the grievance-culture and special interest groups and political correctness that come with it.
This is an odd thing to say about a man who despite talking about a non-racial campaign has pulled the race card at every opportunity. He called Bill Clinton a racist for a remark that had nothing to do with race, unless mentioning Jesse Jackson is racist. You could call Bill a lot of things and be right, but racist is not one of them. He did the same to Hillary and to McCain.

It will be a great thing when America votes in its first black, brown, or whatever President, but if that President is not a good one, it will be a terrible setback for non-racial politics.

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