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Oct 9, 2008

German worldwide law.

HT Delaware Libertarian.

Steve Newton has raised an issue of great concern. I was aware of some guy being arrested in London for extradition to Germany on charges of Holocaust denial. I was not aware that he was an Australian citizen, not that that really makes any difference.

Gerald Toben is a rather bizarre anti-Semite who runs the Adelaide Institute, an even more bizarre organization that combines its anti-Semitism with a healthy dose of trutherism and Islamic apologism.

A couple of posts indicate a belief that the Darfur genocide is actually the work of Zionists, trying to cause the overthrow of the Muslim government so that they can get control of the oil, (why hell aint that always the way.) Then the 9/11 stuff actually goes to the setting of mini hydrogen bombs, (that’s one I haven’t run into before.)

The guy has a great case for an insanity plea.

Regardless of his stupidity, despite finding that he really is a nasty little man, I question just what is going on as there is no hint of justice in what has happened. The ‘offences’ were ‘committed’ in Australia where in some states freedom of speech still applies, so presumably he is in the clear on that issue.

So where does German law come into it? Germany maintains that they have the right to prosecute him as the comments were published on the internet and were able to be viewed in Germany, and are against their laws, therefore the offense falls under their jurisdiction. So where does that leave us if something is reported by the media here and is picked up and reported in the German Media?

Britain deserves the condemnation of all freedom loving people for going along with this charade. It is a standard of law in all civilized countries that a person cannot be extradited for crimes that do not exist in their countries or where human rights are not up to the standards of the country involved. So why is Britain considering extraditing a man to a country that does not even respect the right to freedom of speech?

I am not anti German, I know quite a few former Germans, now Australians, and in the main find them great people. I do however find the German governments attempt to internationalize their laws and make them apply worldwide, distasteful and disturbing.

It didn’t work for them in 1939-45 and I hope it fails this time as well.

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