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Oct 12, 2008

Obama, why not just show the documents?

SJ Reidhead sent me this video.

Simmering in the background of the US election has been the qualification of both candidates as ‘Natural born US citizens.’ It first came to light when Obama surrogates questioned McCains standing as he was born in Panama. The McCain response was to release documents proving that he is definitely a US citizen.

This was not of course enough for them, and they continued on with it even making appalling allegations against his 96-year-old mother.

Obama surrogates remind me of the line from Tom Clancy, “If a dog craps on the footpath it is not being disgusting, it’s just being a dog.” In other words, Obamaites will be Obamaites, from Palins infant son to a near centenarian, they’ll attack them.

Then stories surfaced that Obamas grandmother, half sister and half brother had claimed that he was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya. They also told reporters that when her son, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. returned to Kenya he was accompanied by his pregnant white wife who was close to term.

She did not like how Muslim men treated their wives in Kenya. However, because she was near term the airline would not let her fly until after the birth of her baby. Obamas grandmother said the baby, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was born in Kenya.

This caused a great deal of interest, which could have been easily quashed by Obama by simply producing the original documents as McCain did, but for some reason he has refused to do so. Instead an image was posted on ‘Fight the smears’ and another at Kos, neither of which can be varifyed.

The upshot of it all is a lawsuit which is the subject of this video: -


  1. Thanks for posting this video. I posted it at my blog yesterday at 4:29 PM and also linked it at Real Clear Politics. Some time between 10:30 and 11:00 PM it was SCRUBBED from the RCP website. Concerned citizens MUST keep this video in the public eye.

    It is troubling that Obama’s campaign doesn’t care if we find out about his association with ACORN, his support of infanticide or his deep connections with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers but they go to great lengths to quash any reference to his birth certificate.

    Why won’t Obama provide a “vault” copy of this birth certificate? What is being hidden from the American public? Let’s stand guard over liberty together.

  2. Thank you, I wasn't aware that Real Clear politics was inclined towards censorship although I haven't been there in a while. There are a lot of lawsuits and threats going around at the moment, so that might have something to do with it.

    I regarded the birth certificate thing with some skepticism when it first came up, then when doubts were cast on the E copies I felt it was good enough to publish, but still had doubts, as I felt that nobody would be stupid enough to try it.

    I find it interesting that his campaign was throwing accusations of non citizenship at McCain when his own is suspect. Recently they accused McCain of vote rigging when they were doing it themselves.

    It would certainly pay to investigate him for anything he makes accusations of the other side doing.

  3. Good Lord this election is driving me insane. If someone somewhere says something in a blog, and then more people start saying it, well GOLLY it MUST be true. Humans around the US on both sides of the political spectrum are reduce to morons every election. Have your opinions, be passionate about your cause, but also be RESPONSIBLE.

    It is complete nonsense that Obama is not a US citizen eligible to run for president. By the research I conducted on hearing this most recent assenine comment it appears this surfaced back in April. I mean really, do you think this would linger this long? So is the thinking keep trying, and more stupid people will believe it?


    Moral Majority My A$$

  4. Anon;Try to read posts before you comment on them, instead of trolling around with a one size fits all cut and paste.