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Nov 5, 2011

Australian Muslim radical starts hate page.

Cartoon: by Pickering.

Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon is up to his old stunts again, this time starting a Face book page, “The Australian Defence Force: The Real Terrorists” in which he listed every Australian killed in the Afghanistan campaign and accused them of being terrorists because of their military service.

We have mentioned Siddiq-Conlon in these pages before owing to his establishment of the Sharia4Australia movement. Conlon who sees democracy as a ‘challenge to Gods law’ wants to live under Sharia, and wants it imposed on all of us to stop us drinking beer, eating pork, and all the rest of those things his cult is intolerant towards.

It is uncertain what the attraction for such a drab and wretched lifestyle is with its women covered from head to toe, and most fun things like drinking booze, rock and roll, chatting up chicks, banned. Perhaps it’s the opportunity to be a member of the morals police, who get their jollies by whipping chicks who show a bit too much ankle, sort of like a male dominatrix force with the consensual aspect omitted.

His hate site has been taken down after the ADF received complaints and notified the Australian Federal Police and Facebook. If it were not the hurt it has caused the families of soldiers who have lost their lives there, it may have been for the best to leave it up. There is something positive in allowing the public to see it and assess for themselves just what a piece of shit he really is:
The unapologetic Muslim convert, who received death threats soon after creating the site, has continued to trash dead Diggers by posting hate-fuelled messages on other Facebook pages.

"May they rot in hell," he wrote in one message. In another posting he wrote: "I hope I got your blood boiling. That's what I like. It's my hobby. My fun. My pleasure.”

Australian-born Mr Siddiq-Conlon, formerly known as Shannon James Conlon, also labelled his grandfathers terrorists because of their service for the Australian Army in Kokoda and the Middle East. He has said he was proud of being referred to as an "extremist" and "terrorist supporter."
There is nothing new in Muslim antipathy towards those who fought against the Axis powers. There has been a long standing friendship between Muslims and fascists as depicted in this image of Hitler with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mufti Haj al-Amin al-Husseini. Husseini spent most of WW2 in Italy and Germany and actively helped recruit Muslims into the Waffen SS.

Even our old mate Sydney cleric Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali, (the thick Sheik) who created controversy when he referred to ‘immodestly’ clad women as ‘meat’ and inviting rape is concerned about extremists like Conlon:
Hilali told The Australian: "I am worried for our community and our society. I am worried for that because this will encourage the youth to act against elections and act against dealing with others, which is dangerous." He warned of Rambo-style preachers whose aggressive sermons appealed to "the way of youth."

"The louder they speak, the more youth they gather around them," he said.


  1. When other extremists think he's a bit off the reservation then he must be a weapons grade bellend. Not comfortable with his site being taken down though. Yes, an offensive little prick, to be sure, but I'm damn certain I've expressed views on that will have offended some people. If they can shut him up for offending soldiers and their families then what's to stop me being shut up for being a mouthy republican who's not shy in expressing contempt for Mrs Majesty and upsetting all the monarchists? 'Course, if Shannon (let's not encourage the fucker by calling him Ibrahim) has actually libelled anyone that's a different matter - take the site down and take the bastard to the cleaners.

  2. Thinking back on the Hilali comments, they were pretty much crazy stuff but from memory he never advocated violence.

    I am fully in favour of leaving these sights up for all to see. There is no better way to see what nazis and other extremes really think, than to watch them at play in real time on their own websites.

  3. I concur about leaving up sites, no matter how stupid, in the face of the censorship that is the so-called "right" not to be offended by anything.

    Plus, using their own words makes it much easier to make shit out of them.

  4. Agreed Bawb. I like the idea of letting them show the world just what sick bastards they really are.