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Nov 14, 2011

Fairfax newspaper investigated for hacking.

Hubris is closely followed by nemesis.

Cartoon: By Nicholson.

After the extent of the phone hacking by the News of the World was revealed a number of inquiries have been set up, most of which are based on little other than speculation that there is more to be revealed and on anonymous allegations given currency by other media outlets. There is a media inquiry here which seems to be concentrating on the Murdoch press, based on the hope of the government that they might find something.

Government shills and other media outlets (but I repeat myself) have been cheering it on. Other than possibly the ABC, none have been more strident as a cheer squad than the Fairfax press, which is adamant that their major, and most successful competitor has to be guilty. Unfortunately for Fairfax it now appears that the first major scandal seems to be breaking in relation to the activities of their Age newspaper.

VICTORIA Police has launched a criminal investigation into allegations reporters from The Age hacked into an Australian Labor Party electoral roll database and searched for data about prominent Victorians:
Detectives from VicPol's E-Crime Unit executed a search warrant on the ALP's Melbourne headquarters on Thursday. The warrant named reporters Royce Millar and Nick McKenzie, the newspaper's editor-in-chief, Paul Ramadge, and senior editor Mark Baker.

The Labor Party database contains personal details of voters including names, addresses, phone numbers and marital status. It also contained confidential information about individuals' dealings with the party. A Victoria Police spokeswoman confirmed on Friday the matter was under investigation.

"Victoria Police E-Crime Squad is investigating the allegation that personal details of Victorians were electronically accessed by a media outlet via a confidential political party database without authorisation," she told the Sunday Herald Sun. "As the investigation is active and ongoing we are not in a position to comment any further.” ...
It will be interesting ton see whether this matter finds its way into the Murdoch inquiry, or whether it falls outside the terms of reference.

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  1. One of the things that really annoys me about Fairfax is their inconsistent approach to comments. It's not just that pre-approval model of moderation is used rather than retrospective moderation as used by the UK's Telegraph (one thing they still deserve some credit for), it's that some articles, often with lively discussion threads, are closed to comments just a few hours after being published. This means I've never been able to leave a comment one on of The Age's anti-NewsCorp / Guardian Media canonisation pieces pointing out that the Graun is less than saintly, not to mention deeply hypocritical on the issue of tax avoidance and minimisation, or to ask what's happening with the investigation into their own hacks. Not that I'd have had much hope they'd publish the comment, but not to even be able to leave the comment is bloody annoying.